China Scam Watch

                                                  You may already be a target... But you need not become a victim.

Unless you want to risk arrest and deportation, do not let anyone talk you into coming to work in China with an L, F, M, or X visa. Also don't believe you can get away with using a fake university diploma or TEFL certificate.  In 2014, over 2,000 foreign teachers were arrested fined $2,000 and deported with a 3-5 year reentry ban. Read this:

Once you get deported from ANY country, you will never get a travel visa again because you will be flagged as a "illegal alien" in all the immigration enforcement databases. See:

If you do get arrested, you will be held in jail until you can pay your $2,000 fine in cash and surrender your passport to the police. You will be asked to write a letter of apology and then deported within 10 days.  They do not accept credit cards.  See:

Don't Get Stupid!