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Q: How do I find a job in China myself, without at job recruiter or agent?

A:  Ask for a free director employers list from The China Foreign Teachers Union and then send your resume, photo, and cover letter to the FAO of each school that interests you.  FAO = Foreign Affairs Officer.  To get the free white list of China schools write to:

Q: How do I find an honest China job agent or recruiter to help me?

​A: It may take a day or two to find one but there are a few.  This link gives you step by step directions:

Q: What do I need to become a foreign teacher in China?

A: China law requires you to have the below items and IF you want to work for the English First "EF", they require a TEFL certificate from certain training centers that are approved by them. Less than 5% of foreign teachers in China have a TEFL or TESOL certificate. Here is what you MUST have:

1.  Bachelor degree in an any major (Online diplomas not accepted)

2.  Minimum age of 21 years old

3.  A valid passport and Z visa

4.  Fluency in the English language (Some employers will test you)

5.  2 years previous work experience

6.  Police certificates if you want to work in Beijing or Shanghai

These requirements are current for 2015.  For any updates or changes, you can check

Q: How much money will I make as a foreign teacher in China?

A: This depends on your academic credentials, where you work, and your negotiating skills. We suggest you visit: for info on this subject as well as

Q: I was told I must work a 90 day probationary period at reduced pay. Is this true?

Q: Chinese labor law require 1 month probation period for every year of your contract, unless YOU agree to a longer term. So if you are signing a 1 year contract, you yourself must agree to a 90 day period, because the law only requires 1 month.  You may want to get a free copy of China's labor and visa laws by writing to

If you have any questions, feel free to write us at