China Scam Watch

                                                  You may already be a target... But you need not become a victim.

If you came to this web site you, or someone you know was swindled in China. Please be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Please like us on Facebook, give us a tweet, or send our link to five of your friends. There are over 38,000 professional scam artists in China and their favorite target is us foreigners.  They devise new schemes every day and they are getting harder and harder to detect.  There is no BBB or FTC in China.  We have only each other and we ask YOU to help us watch our collective backs. Remember how confused YOU were, your first month in China? If you want to receive weekly or monthly scam alerts related to China, please just send us an email to We do not spam nor share your email info with any third parties - ever. Please help us spread the word brothers and sisters and China will be a more pleasant experience for all of us.       Thank You - Merci - Gracias !     Taylor, Frank,  and Johnny

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