China Scam Watch

                                                  You may already be a target... But you need not become a victim.

What your China Job Recruiter Will Never Tell You...

* There are now about 30,000 foreign teachers working in China

* 67% of these foreign teachers are single males ages 20-27

* Roughly a third of China foreign teachers are working illegally with the wrong visas and/or fake diplomas. Over 2,000 were arrested in 2014 - and then deported after spending 15-30 days in jail.

* 52% of all foreign teacher report being cheated by their own

employer and/or agent/recruiter.

* 43% of foreign teachers found their own jobs in China without using a China job agent or recruiter.

* Over 90% of all China job agents/recruiters are not licensed nor registered to so business in China.

* Over 10,000 China teaching job ads are posted on line every month but 85% of these ads are fake fabrications.

* 30% of all China job ads now seen online were posted by identity thieves.

* China job recruiters almost never provide you their real or full legal name.

* There are over 19,000 Chinese schools, universities, and kindergartens in China, but only 2,300 of them are allowed to hire foreigners by the Chinese government.

* 83% of foreign teachers who used job recruiters said they would never use one again.  Why?  Read this...